The power of Pam

Pam…definitely something found in most kitchens. Today I realized how useful this little bottle can be…the hard way.

But first for a Pam success story!

Last week I got a granola craving. One of those stop what you are doing and rush to the kitchen kind of cravings. After a quick recipe search I settled on Angela’s Lightened Up Summer Granola.

When I got to the step where I had to add the nut butter (I chose peanut butter) I remembered to grab the Pam and spray the measuring cup first. Works like a charm… The peanut butter slid right out.

The measuring cup after pouring…

I easily cleaned out the rest with my finger. Gotta have a snack while baking right? The granola turned out perfect. Nutty and super flavorful from the vanilla bean.

Now for the Pam failure…

I had been wanting to try out Gina’s protein pancake recipe for awhile. I thought I would mix it up and put the batter in my non stick waffle iron. It’s non stick so I just poured, closed and stared intently at the ready light. When I couldn’t even open the waffle iron… I knew there was a problem. The waffle stuck bad. It took me a good 10 minutes to pry all the pieces out. I was too frustrated to take a picture. But it looked something like this…


I managed to salvage some pieces for a pic. Waffle topped with juicy nectarine and maple syrup. Perfect summer breakfast. On the side…blueberry green tea.

Although it looks like I ate enough for a mouse… Trust me these were the “pretty” pieces. There was a while plateful of salvaged bits. Didn’t look pretty but it was all delicious!


Next time I use the waffle iron… I will have my Pam handy!

Question: What was your latest baking disaster? Were the results still tasty

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