Back to school back to school to prove to Dad that I’m not a fool!


Since its getting light out later and later, I have been having to delay my morning run. Parts of it are on trails in the woods and I’m way to clumsy to be running there in the dark.  So when I headed out today, I ran into lots of kids waiting at the bus stops. On kid, probably around 6th grade was wearing a tie. Maybe he was trying to be grown up? For some reason all I could think about was Adam Sandler in Billy Madison singing his little school song!


After a super sweaty 5 mile run (no elliptical bike encounters!) I had some delicious overnight oats.


Last night I combined:

-1/2 cup Quaker Oats (still my favorite!)

-1 cup almond milk

-2 tsp cocoa powder

– 1 tsp chia seeds

I microwaved the mixture for about 2.5 minutes then let it sit in the microwave for 10 minutes (I actually just forgot about it!)

This morning I added peanut butter, half of a frozen sliced banana, and raw cocoa nibs (Thanks for the idea Chelsea!) After the picture, the oats were actually transported to work in a Tupperware. I am never that hungry right after a run, so I normally just take my breakfast with me.

Even though it doesn’t feel like fall here yet, the calendar doesn’t lie. I feel like every blog and website I visited today had some reminder that it was September! Even if it was 100 degrees in December you would still buy a Christmas tree right? So in the fall spirit, here is my fall checklist. Everyone can participate!

1. Eat a slice of good ol fashioned pumpkin pie. Yea I know that pretty much everything comes in pumpkin flavor these days… coffee, muffins, pumpkin pie cream liquor!? (I don’t know how I feel about this…). But nothing says fall better than traditional pumpkin pie. Made from the recipe on the back of the Libbys can.


2. Wear a big comfy sweater. Not the cute fitted ones that you can wear to work. I’m talking about the oversized knit ones that you may be slightly embarrassed to wear in public but then quickly get over because it’s so dang warm and cozy. If I have to blast my AC for a few hours to be able to achieve this one… I’ll make the sacrifice.


3. Go on a haunted hay ride. These used to be my favorite back in middle school. I hate being scared but I would go every year and scream my lungs out. They aren’t quite the same anymore… most of them don’t even have hay bails anymore because so many people were allergic. But still, for old times sake…

4. Jump in a pile of leaves. I have learned the hard way to always check for sticks or thorns first. I’ll never forget jumping into the seemingly innocent leave pile by dad had raked up… not knowing that the bottom of the pile was full of leaves that had fallen from our holly tree… not too pleasant! Bonus points for this one if you raked the leaves yourself.


5. Go apple picking. I am already planning this one for when I go back to visit my parents in October. This is a multi-step activity. First you have to pick the apples…and sample every type the orchard has. Then you have to buy all of the other apple products that the orchard probably sells… cider, apple cider doughnuts. I wonder how many pounds of apples I can bring back in my carry on? I’ll have to investigate Continental’s policy 🙂


Before I go dream up more fall activities let me share my “clean out the fridge blue plate special” that I had for dinner.


I cooked two eggs (one whole, one white) and added leftover roasted chicken and sautéed peppers and onions. Served with a slice of homemade honey banana bread I made in my long forgotten bread machine. After the picture the bread got a good dollop of huckleberry jam.

Question: What are the top items on your fall activity checklist?

9 responses to “Back to school back to school to prove to Dad that I’m not a fool!”

  1. Sweet and Savvy says :

    All these things reallyyy excite me about fall, too! 🙂 Though I will reallyyy miss the warm summer weather!

  2. lindsay says :

    ahh I can’t wait till it gets below 90F here! maybe I’ll need a sweater. haha, jk. I am looking forward to baking again. and not by the sun!

    • bikingbeforebed says :

      Amen to that! I am getting up to bike tomorrow. I have taken a few weeks off because its just been unbearable! I was in Austin last weekend and after a few hours of walking around I felt like I had taken a shower! What a beautiful city though.

  3. Tessa @ Amazing Asset says :

    I love all of these things about fall too! But I won’t lie, I am going to miss summer so so much 😦 It’s definitely my favorite season!

  4. Brittany says :

    I’ve definitely been writing about fall in my blog! I adore fall and early winter and the holidays that come with it. I’m sort of (slash REALLY) obsessed with Christmas!

  5. eftychia says :

    What a post!! I like fall very much. The weather is perfect for me and I celebrate my birthday as well!!!

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