Fajita Fiesta!

Happy Friday… and Happy three-day weekend (for most). Poor Ryan has to work all weekend so we are trying to prepare some fun things to do at night… like a barbecue!

This morning I started with the same breakfast as yesterday… what can I say, I’m a creature of habit. Once I find a combo I like I may stick with it for days! Nothing wrong with the Quaker!


My commute is only ~20 minutes but I am always on the road during those annoying hours when the radios don’t play music! After about 5 minutes of listening to radio DJs discuss topics normally revolving around sex and drinking… I am bored and irritated. My little brother used to always tell me about all of the podcasts and audiobooks he listened too while going to class. I’m a very visual learner and so they didn’t really spark my interest. I thought that I would just tune out and not really pay attention. But when I first moved to Houston I had a 40 minute commute… so I thought what the heck… i’ll give them a try. I downloaded a bunch of different podcasts that had been recommended to me… and now I’m hooked! Most of the podcasts I listen to are food and health related (what a surprise…)

This morning I was listening to an episode of The Splendid Table by American Public Media. It is an incredible podcast that I highly recommend! It is about an hour-long and covers various topics from interview with restaurant owners and cookbook authors to discussions of new food trends. The last portion of the show is devoted to listener questions. I always pick up lots of recipe ideas from this part.

The particular episode I was listening to had a segment talking about technology in the kitchen including the smart fridge! LG now has a fridge with a “smart” screen in the door. The fridge is capable of keeping an inventory of what is inside so you know when your food will go bad. It can also be synced with your phone so you can make grocery lists and make recipe suggestions! And you can use it as a TV… Jersey Shore while cooking? Here’s a link to an interesting article about them.



Since my fridge isn’t too smart (and keeps freezing my veggies!) I had to create my own meals. Lunch was a hodgepodge salad packed in my favorite multi component Tupperware!


In the mix: Spinach, leftover israeli couscous from Sweeeeet shrimp, crumbled homemade veggie burger (Thanks Kristin!) and fresh corn.

Dressed with my favorite dressing from Newman’s Own.


After a light weights workout, it was time for a Friday Fajita Fiesta! Peppers and Vidalia onion roasted with cumin, oregano, salt, pepper, cayenne, and olive oil.


Local Texas Sirloin steak picked up at the farmers market. I had it marinating in the fridge all day in a combo of soy sauce, lime juice and minced garlic.


La Tortilla Factory tortillas.


Oven roasted corn (I had never tried this technique before… but it was too hot to grill outside!) I followed Tyler Florence’s advice and put the corn (in the husk) in a 350 F oven for ~30 minutes. I flipped the corn after 15 minutes. It was super sweet and tasty but not quite as smoky as grilled corn.


Fiesta on my plate!


The veggies had a kick from the cayenne and the beef was tender and flavorful from marinating.

 I’m off to bed… biking in the morning!

Question: Price aside… would you ever buy a Smart Fridge? I don’t think I would. I like my handwritten notes and lists hung on with magnets!

2 responses to “Fajita Fiesta!”

  1. Tessa @ Amazing Asset says :

    I am a creature of habit too, I have the same thing for breakfast almost everyday! And I am okay with that 🙂
    Yumm fajitas… great way to end a Friday!

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