Monday Memories: Big Bend Part 1

The worst thing about graduating college and entering the “real world?” 2 weeks vacation! I was so used to 4 weeks at Christmas, a spring break and over 2 glorious months of summer. The 2 week vacation policy was kind of like a slap in the face! I have found that I like to split up my vacation days and go on mini vacations. Since I just started my blog, I wanted to share a few of my 2011 vacations.

Drive to San Antonio

My little brother Walter and I had never taken a vacation just the two of us so for his spring break from the University of Delaware, he flew down to Houston. We proceeded to pack up the car and drive the 10 hours to Big Bend National Park for 5 days of sibling bonding! To break up the drive we spent the first night in San Antonio (~ 4 hours from Houston). There is no picture of our Mexican dinner because we basically inhaled it after not eating in over 5 hours.

River Walk: An awesome place to walk, eat, have a few drinks or people watch.

The next morning we went to Mad Hatters Tea House and Cafe. It was such a fun breakfast joint. They had an extensive tea menu featuring teas from all over the world. You also got to select your tea-cup from a huge collection. You even got your own personalized tea-pot!

Walter shows off his Ginger Peach black tea and the convenient steeping timer! No more guessing when the tea is ready!

I opted for the Good Hope Vanilla Rooibos. Both were delicious. For breakfast I opted for the cardamom and cinnamon tea infused oatmeal with brown sugar and raisins. It was heavenly. I still need to try to recreate this oatmeal at home! We took a leisurely walk after breakfast and then it was time to hit the road! 6 hours to Big Bend!

Walter models his new apron at the Mexican flea market.

I want to try this restaurant next time I go to San Antonio… just because of the beautiful ivy!

After drinking all that tea at breakfast and lots of water in the car. We were ready for a pit stop.

It’s not every day you stop at a town with a statue of Davy Crockett! Too bad I forgot my coonskin cap.

After what felt like forever, we got to Big Bend… within 30 minutes of entering the park we were stopped by a line of traffic. What could be causing a traffic jam in a national park…

Mama black bear and her two cubs!  

We couldn’t ask for  a better way to start our visit! It’s so hard to believe that they are dangerous. I wanted to go up and hug the little ones like teddy bears! We finally arrived at our campground just as it was getting dark. We didn’t have a chance to take any pictures because we were racing the daylight to set up our tent and make some dinner!

Big Bend Day 1

Our first hike was to a look out known as “The Window”

Stunning view from “The Window”

Walter chilling on the “window sill”

After the window we hiked down into the valley. The trail quickly got overgrown and I accidentally fell into a cactus!


After hiking to the window, we drove to the other end of the park to hike a mile long nature trail on the Rio Grande. On the other side was Mexico!

I love this picture because it shows all the different “landscapes” of the park: river, mountain, forest, and desert all in one!

Illegal mexican handicrafts for sale on the trail.

The last stop of the day was to a short hike that ended in a hot spring. Too bad it was 100 degrees… the hot spring wasn’t too appealing. But the old ruins were really neat.

It appeared to be an old stable.

I’ll post part 2 of my Big Bend Adventure next Monday!

Question: Have you ever taken a solo trip with a sibling? Was it a blast or a disaster?

I loved traveling with my brother. He’s my best friend!

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  1. Paige @ Running Around Normal says :

    That would be so much fun to take a trip with just my brother. I think we’d learn a lot about each other:)

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