Running by the Sea

Happy Thursday! Or Happy Thirsty Thursday to some of the college folks? The only thing I was thirsty for today was water. Do you ever have one of those days wear you seem to be drinking non stop and grabbing chap stick every 5 minutes… yea that was my Thursday.

I decided to skip fall and head straight to winter for breakfast with some gingerbread overnight oats courtesy of Angela at Oh She Glows.


Man, I forgot how amazing molasses is! I predict many more molasses in my future.

Dinner was random yet delicious. Leftover barbecued brisket snagged from a free work lunch, spinach, leftover roasted potatoes, and a Sandwich Thin with some huckleberry jelly.


My huckleberry jelly is almost gone… that must mean I need to go back to Shenandoah National Park to pick up some more! Now onto the feature presentation…

One of the reasons I was attracted to my current home of Seabrook, TX was the network of walking and biking trails in the area. I love being able to exercise outdoors whenever possible. I am relatively new to running and don’t have a Garmin. I have been running the same route for a couple of months now so I decided to head out this weekend on my bike with my newly downloaded “Map my Ride” app and see how long my route really is! I had guessed 5 miles… and it was 5.13! I was quite proud of my estimating skills!

I present to you… my trail run!

0.4 miles


I have yet to see either of these creatures… but I keep my eyes peeled!

1 mile


This is the entrance to someone’s house! Always makes me think of the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

1.5 miles


In case you want to check out the garden club on your smart phone while running…

1.6 miles


The tree that can’t stand up on his own. This is my favorite part of the run.

2 miles


Even with the rain this weekend it’s still so dry! This was the location of the elliptical bike siting!

2.2 miles


Person and puppy water stop! I have yet to see a dog drink out of this bowl but I think its such a cute idea.

3.6 miles


My dream house right on the water.

4.8 miles


The “sprint” swing. Ok, ok, I confess… I don’t actually sprint when I hit this swing… but I do pick up the pace for the last 0.3 miles.

Goal: 6 miles


By adding an extra mile to my morning run, I will get to see this beautiful pier at sunrise. This will definitely be worth the extra mile!

It felt so different doing the route on a bike. But now with my new phone app I’m excited to plan new running routes. Apparently there are over 26 miles of connecting trails!

Question: Do you have a running route that you always follow, or do you try to mix it up? Do you prefer to run on pavement or dirt trails?

I am a creature of habit so I always find myself doing the same route, in the same direction. I definitely prefer to run on dirt.




5 responses to “Running by the Sea”

  1. Kelsey says :

    mmm gingerbread overnight oats- such a great flavour… well gingerbread anything is AMAZING ❤

    that is such a beautiful place to run…going past all the gorgeous scenery and little nooks and crannies 🙂


  2. Tessa @ Amazing Asset says :

    Yum those are a great flavor of oats!
    Nice run, thank you for sharing your pictures 🙂 I like to change things up, but I stick to the same general area

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