Sometimes Sundays call for a drink









I wanted to begin this post with a moment of silence for all of the victims of September 11th. I think Katie presented a fantastic post on the subject.

Last night Ryan and I had a few friends over for out monthly supper club. A group of us takes turns hosting a dinner once a month. All of the members are people who I used to work with. Although we all still work for the same company, we have moved onto different jobs so we don’t see each other as much as I like. These monthly dinners are great ways for us to get caught up… and have some amazing food! I am lucky to have some super culinary friends! Check out my supper club post for some pics of our Mexican feast!

I met my goal of getting to bed at a decent hour so I was able to get up at 6:30 for a Sunday group bike ride. I was super excited for my breakfast I had prepped the night before…


Overnight oats in a carton! In the mix: the last of the Greek Gods yogurt, oats, almond milk, chia seeds, and cocoa powder. This morning I added frozen banana and almond butter. Has anyone ever tried Greed Gods Yogurt? It was on sale last week so I decided to give it a go. Plus I’m a sucker for packaging… look at that cool font! It wasn’t quite as creamy as Fage or Chiobani. And it only had half of the protein per serving. It wasn’t my favorite on its own, but it tasted delicious when mixed with other goodies.

My local bike store has group rides on Saturdays and Sundays. The Sunday rides are much less crowded and we take a scenic route with a rest stop along the bay about 17 miles in. It was such a gorgeous morning!


Its days like this I am so glad I live near the water.


I could have stayed all day sipping my coffee (and Gatorade!) but my bike was waiting!


I just realized how impersonal “my bike” sounds. She definitely needs a name. And yes… with all that pink she must be a girl!

I had the best conversation with one of my fellow riders. She asked me my favorite food in various categories. It sounded easy… but it took awhile for me to come up with answers for all of them! Here are my answers.


Protein (meat): Shrimp

Other protein: Yogurt

Fruit: Cherries

Starch: Oatmeal!!

Vegetable: Brussel sprouts (only roasted never boiled)

Dessert: Ice cream. Hands down.

It was a fun way to pass the time. After riding 42 miles, I drove back home for some lawn mowing and lunch.


Leftover barbecue chicken and spinach sammy and some fresh cantaloupe on the side. I kept it light because I knew what was in store for me after grocery shopping.


Whoever built the I-Yogurt shop right next to HEB… genius! After looking at food for 30 minutes( ok sometimes I grocery shop for almost an hour)… who wouldn’t be hungry? I opted for a mix of Reese’s, cheesecake, and Oreo topped with chocolate sprinkles, blackberries, and granola. It was heavenly… but I missed my usual cookie dough bite topping (they were out :()

Ryan is back on shift for a couple of months (cross my fingers its over sooner)! Today he started his 4 nights in a row so I headed over in the afternoon so I could see him before he left. We had a lot of mint left over from our mojito attempt from last night.

Ryan decided it was time for a Sunday drink. I was a little apprehensive, but they were delicious and refreshing. Perfect for a relaxing end to the weekend. And don’t worry, there is no alcohol involved, so you can enjoy a few and still make it to work on Monday:)


Ryan’s Sunday Sipper

Mash together a spoonful of sugar with three mint springs in a bowl. Or muddle the mint as the bartender might say. The goal is to release some of the oils from the mint and have them combine with the sugar. Then add ice, a tsp of lime juice, club soda, and a splash of pineapple juice.

Off to relax before the work week begins!

Questions: What are your “favorite” foods?

Have you ever attempted to “muddle” anything for cocktails before?

6 responses to “Sometimes Sundays call for a drink”

  1. Paige @ Running Around Normal says :

    I don’t think I’d even miss the alcohol in this drink! Yum:)

  2. Matt @ The Athlete's Plate says :

    I actually hated Greek Gods yogurt. Siggi’s and FAGE all the way!

  3. Fit Chick Britt says :

    I like your bike. She’s pretty! My favorite dessert is cheesecake. YUM!

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