Thankful on Thursday

I’m loving all of the list type posts up around blog world so I decided to tackle my own! Sometimes you need to take a step back and enjoy the little things. Here are things I’m thankful for this Thursday.

1. Endless supply of nut butters.


Exhibit A is why I should never be allowed to grocery shop alone. I went into Walmart looking for peanut butter and ended up with 3 jars of assorted nut butters? Who knew Walmart had such an amazing collection?! They had more varieties than my local grocery stores.

2. Extra large jars of pickles


This picture doesn’t give these pickles justice. These jars were ginormous! I’m talking like 5 times your average pickle jar! I resisted the temptation to stock up… But I may go back and pick some up this week. I may need some extra electrolytes for the bike ride I signed up for Sunday!

3. Flowers from Ryan!


He surprised me at work with these beauties! I love how the vibrant colors are making my office so much more cheerful! I felt much happier and productive this morning.

4. A fridge full of leftovers


I love opening the fridge and finding tons of things I can combine into killer meals. Last night I added leftover supper club fish, sautéed peppers and spinach, avocado, and salsa to a whole wheat tortilla. Incredible… And it took 5 minutes!

5. The latest issue of Food Network Magazine. This article has the following recipes


-Pumpkin cheesecake with bourbon spiked cream
-Pumpkin whoopie pies
-Pumpkin ginger bread pudding
-Pumpkin roll cake
-Pumpkin pie creme brûlée
I can’t even decide which recipe sounds best! Maybe I should just try them all and invite y’all over for a pumpkin party.

6. Cake balls!


I volunteered to give 3 boxes of 3 dozen cake balls to a silent auction to benefit the United Way campaign at work. In this campaign, we raise money for local charities such as the YMCA, food bank, and after school tutoring programs. I love that all of the money raised is going into programs in the community where I work. I’m about to be up to my eyeballs in cakeballs once the auction is over! Look for some recipes coming soon.

Ryan is finally done his four shifts of nights so we actually have a night together! See y’all on Friday!

Questions: What pumpkin recipe should I tackle first? I think I am most tempted by the whoopie pies because I have never made those before. And the name is so fun to say!

What is the nicest thing your friend of significant other has done for you lately? These flowers were so thoughtful and out of the blue… I was so excited.

11 responses to “Thankful on Thursday”

  1. Tracy's Treats says :

    Oh gosh, cake balls are amazingly delicious. The whoopie pies sound really cute, although I think you’re off to a great start no matter which recipe you choose!

  2. Tessa @ Amazing Asset says :

    I have made cake balls in the past and they were quite a hit! Love your stash of nut butters obviously 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  3. lindsay says :

    i need to make these cakes balls GF style. But you are right, such a great party food!

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