Metropolitan Cooking Show

It’s finally starting to feel like fall in Texas! When I went outside this morning I go goosebumps! So exciting folks. Despite the “cold” I opted for a smoothie bowl for breakfast. My food cravings are never known to match the seasons.

20110917-092300.jpgWhen I went into the fridge I realized I was out of milk and almond milk! Luckily I found a box of vanilla soy milk lurking between the condiments. I added a cup of soy milk to the Vitamix along with a frozen banana, a cup of frozen strawberries, and a scoop of plain Greek yogurt. Topped with Peanut Butter Puffins, it was a delicious breakfast… but definitely didn’t help on the goose bump front.

I wanted to do a light workout this morning because I am riding in the Tour de Pink tomorrow, so I opted for Zumba. I had never been to the Saturday class and it was a blast. It was a great mix of songs and the instructor was so enthusiastic which is always a plus.

After Zumba, it was time to head downtown to the Metropolitan Cooking Show. I had been to the show two years ago in DC and was bummed that I didn’t get to go last year. I was thrilled when Houston was added as a stop on the tour. The show features food and entertainment vendors, demos by local chefs, and presentations by Food Network Chefs. When I went last time I paid extra to see Giada… which was an amazing experience! She was just as personable and gorgeous live as on TV. The only celebrity coming to the Houston show was Paula Dean so I opted to just get a general admission ticket. Sometimes I love Paula, but I find her to be a bit over the top sometimes and didn’t want to fork over an extra 30 dollars for a ticket.

Although I knew the show would have samples galore, Ryan and I opted to get lunch beforehand. We stopped at the grocery store where I got a delicious salad. It didn’t last long enough for pictures! The best ingredient were definitely the hearts of palm. Check out these pumpkins for sale outside.

20110917-091704.jpgI love the name: Fairytale pumpkins. Before I saw the sign, I immediately thought of Cinderella going to the ball! I am definitely going to pick up one (or maybe two) of these babies for fall.

Onto the show! I definitely had Halloween on the brain.

20110917-092316.jpgI loved this cookie tower! It would be so fun at a Halloween party.

After grabbing every sample in site for about 5 minutes, we decided we needed a plan. We started on one side of the convention center and walked up and down every row. Between all of the munching, walking, and people dodging, picture-taking wasn’t happening. Some of the tasting highlights included raspberry hazelnut fudge, skinny margaritas (made with stevia), peanut butter and jelly pancakes, mediterranean salsa, and cherries jubilee ice cream topping.

There were many booths selling some variation on the “just add alcohol” mix.


This one was my favorite. It was kind of like a cranberry sangria slushie! After two hours we were exhausted and in a slight sugar coma. I’ll post some pictures of our purchases tomorrow. Overall, it was a very fun, although slightly overwhelming event. Our biggest complaints were that there was no organization to the booths. You would go from a salsa booth to a cookie booth and so you were eating lots of weird combinations back to back. I was also disappointed that there wasn’t more variety. There were way to many booths with salsa and chip dips that all started to blend together. That being said, if you are in the DC area, definitely check out the show when it comes in November!

After the show it was time to drive up to the hotel we booked to be closer to the start of my bike ride. Despite all of the snacking, we were still ready for dinner when we got there! After driving past several chains we found the “downtown.” Brenham Grill was calling our name. The menu featured southern food, pasta dishes, and mexican favorites. It was quite the hodgepodge! My favorite part of the decor was definitely the huge stained glass lamp.

20110917-092323.jpgThe bread was to die for… it was warm with lots of herbs. I loved that it was served with herb olive oil and butter, something for everyone! The star serving cup was also a cute touch.

20110917-092330.jpgRyan and I both opted for the same meal: a small dinner salad and pasta with chicken, fresh veggies, and marinara.

20110917-092336.jpgIt was delicious but the portions were huge. These were my leftovers! Back in the hotel, mechanic Ryan chained my flat tire on my bike so I would be ready to ride! I joked that this was the only reason I brought him along 🙂


Its time to hit the hay before an early ride start tomorrow. I signed up for the 63 mile ride but my friend is pushing me to do 80. I haven’t biked that much lately so hopefully I can convince her to do the shorter route. Cross your fingers it doesn’t rain!

Question: Have you ever been to a cooking show before?

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