Birthdays and biking




Last night Ryan and I went out to Red Fox, a restaurant in the town where Ryan lives. We had been excited to try it for a while, and a birthday celebration seemed like the perfect occasion.

There were very few diners by the time we got there at 8:30 but that didn’t matter to us… we just wanted food. We were both starving and everything on the menu looked incredible. The meal started out with warm cornbread drizzled with honey butter.

20110924-123817.jpgIt was very moist which was perfect. Dry cornbread is the worst. The honey butter was my favorite part. After two slices, it was time for the main event.

Ryan order the flounder stuffed with lump crab. It was served with rice pilaf, green beans, and a lemon butter sauce.


I tasted a bite but it was a little too fishy for my taste. He loved it thought and polished it off in record time. Guess I shouldn’t have made him wait until 8:30 for dinner:) And then to top it off I made him pose for me before taking a bite. I think the good food made up for it.


I order the shrimp and grits. I realized that I have lived in Texas for over a year and a half and have never had this traditional southern meal! I had only tried grits for breakfast and I have to admit I was not a fan. I guess I just like my breakfasts on the sweeter side. I was so excited when my food arrived.


Wow is all I have to say. I loved this dish. The shrimp was perfectly seasoned and were topped with green onions and bacon. The grits were creamy and buttery and topped with gouda cheese. It was such a delicious combination.

20110924-123832.jpgI can’t wait to try to recreate this meal. I feel like the key will be getting very fresh shrimp since they are the star of the dish.

Ryan is not normally a dessert guy, but I convinced him to share one with me. We went with the peach cobbler.

While very tasty, it was not what I was expecting. It was more like an individual fruit pie. There was too much crust and not enough fruit for my taste.


All in all it was a fantastic meal. Next time, we want to try the fried alligator appetizer.

This morning we were up bright and early for a bike ride with the local bike club. I was so excited because it was the first ride Ryan was coming on. He bought a bike a few months ago but due to his crazy work schedule he hasn’t been able to ride much.

He wasn’t crazy about the early start time on his day off, but he managed to roll out of bed without too much prodding.

A delicious pre-ride breakfast was a must!


Fluffy apple pancakes with the Kerby Lane mix I picked up at the Metropolitan Cooking Show topped with protein fluff and raspberries. Check out Gina’s recipe for protein fluff. It’s seriously amazing. I used peanut butter and vanilla protein. Scrambled eggs and ketchup rounded out the mix.

We successfully completed 45 miles at a 15 mph pace. Pretty impressive for Ryan’s first ride!


In the beginning, we wer going pretty slow. The group wasn’t going at a consistent pace and we seemed to hit every red light! For the last 10 miles we split off from the group and went with two other riders. I prefer to ride in smaller groups. We were really going quick for this part. We got up to 20 mph at one point! The morning was pleasant but we were glad to be done by 11 when it started to get quite hot.


The rest of the day was spent at the Houston Wine festival with friends. More details to come!

Question: What is your favorite pre-workout breakfast? For biking I love pancakes or cereal and eggs. It’s a great mix of protein and carbs.

6 responses to “Birthdays and biking”

  1. Sandi says :

    Don’t you just love when good food is made into art? Have you tried the REEF restaurant on Travis street yet?

  2. lapiattini says :

    Yum! Your meals look delicious!

  3. Tessa @ Amazing Asset says :

    Yumm your eats look fab! I love anything with shrimp 🙂

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