“What’s my age again?”

Last night Ryan’s birthday celebration continued with a concert. I had bought us tickets to see My Chemical Romance and Blink 182 back in June and it just so happened that the actual concert was two days before Ryan’s birthday! The concert didn’t start until 7 which gave us time to get some dinner first.

After reading Chelsey’s post about Sweet Tomatoes… I knew I had to go to this restaurant. A buffet of soups and salads… it was my dream come true! Chelsey was right… this restaurant was pretty amazing! I didn’t want to be a creeper and take photos in the buffet line… the sneeze guard probably would have gotten  in the way. Random fact… the sneeze guard is the clear plastic at eye level around buffets. I learned this while playing Outburst. The category was 10 items in a salad bar. I got 9 in about -5 seconds… but who would have guessed sneeze guard?! I digress…


I had a hard time keeping my salad to one plate! In the mix: lettuce, spinach, carrots, mushrooms, grated squash (that looks like cheddar cheese!), pickles, three bean salad, and an orange poppy-seed dressing. On the side: buttermilk cornbread. I love the butternut squash… I never think to have it in salads.


Roasted tomato and onion soup. Ehh… I’d probably give it a C. It wasn’t particularly flavorful. I went back from some meatball soup that was much tastier.


After all those veggies, I was craving something sweet: Vanilla soft serve with peanuts and caramel and a side of tapioca pudding. I think tapioca pudding is my favorite pudding. I love the little gelatinous balls. A lot of people don’t like the texture, but I find it quite delicious. I also love the big tapioca balls in bubble tea.

Both Ryan and I loved Sweet Tomatoes and will definitely make it a point to go back whenever we are in the area. I love that the menu changes frequently. I want to go back when they have some of their Greek foods.

After dinner, it was concert time.  I used to be a concert junkie in high school. I would go to shows with my friends and my brother several times a year.

Flashback high school concert post. I think this was before seeing The Academy Is… I was so tan and my hair was short! Going to see Blink 182 was like going back to early high school. There were so many spiky belts and neon hair colors! I felt out-of-place in my Banana Republic tee and cowboy boots.

Ryan and I had fun goofing around on the lawn.

20110927-121336.jpgBlink 182 definitely brought out our immaturity:) It was hard to get any good pictures from our far away seats.

20110927-121347.jpgBlink sang all of my favorites including “What’s my age again?” and “Rock Show.” It was fun to sing along with old favorites, but once it hit 10 pm, we were both yawning and decided to call it a night. We were the first ones to leave. I felt so old!

20110927-121341.jpgI was exhausted today but it was worth it. I liked doing something out of the ordinary on a Monday night. Although we have already been celebrating for days… tomorrow is Ryan’s real birthday!

Question: What is the last concert you saw? Before Blink 182, the last concert I saw was Jason Aldean when he performed at the Houston Rodeo. I have such a random taste in music.

9 responses to ““What’s my age again?””

  1. cleaneatingchelsey says :

    Wasn’t it SO good? I love my Sweet Tomatoes!

  2. lindsay says :

    i’ve been to sweet tomatoes once, love it! last concert? sheeesh, way too long ago. I’m old!

  3. Cait @ Cait hates Cake says :

    I think Blink 182 would be a blast to see. Definitely would bring back some high school memories! Last concert I saw was Pearl Jam a few weekends ago.

  4. Lauren says :

    I love Sweet Tomatoes! It’s Probably my favorite buffet place. Sounds like Blink-182 was an absolute blast!

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