WIAW: Ryan’s Birthday Edition

To some it may be just another Wednesday… but for me its a special one… Ryan’s 26th birthday! Even though he has to work tonight (boo), that doesn’t mean I can’t go to Jenn’s WIAW party!

Is it weird that this party is one of the highlights of my weed? Maybe I need to get out more:) Without further ado… WIAW: Ryan’s Birthday Edition!


Just because the sign as I left work today read 98 degrees (like the band:)), doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy some fall food. When I was little I used to listen to Christmas music in the summer. I told my mom it made me feel cooler.


Creamy buckwheat bowl prepared a la Sweet Tooth Sweet Life. After chillin’ in the fridge overnight, I added:

1/2 cup pumpkin

1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice

1 heaping Tb sunflower butter

1 chopped Bartlett pear

All the delish flavors of fall in one bowl!


Delicious leftovers.

20110928-083542.jpgI followed Katie’s recipe for Killer Tofu Curry. I added a bit more curry powder and a tb of fish sauce to the mix. It was incredible. Ryan, ultimate carnivore, had seconds! He did remark… this would be great with some chicken though.



Leftover hodogepodge.

20110928-083555.jpgTuna mashed with avocados and Dijon mustard sandwich served with a side of sauteed spinach and bell peppers topped with hot sauce and nutritional yeast. Water in my keepsake “glass” from the Houston Wine Fest. Guess it wouldn’t be smart to give out real glasses to a bunch of people drinking…


20110928-083526.jpgSlightly wrinkled but still sweet and delicious.

20110928-083534.jpgThe grocery store sales were made for me this weekend. 1 dollar for Fage, Chobani, and Danon Oikos Greek yogurt and 74 cents for Peanut Butter Cookie Lara Bars. I hope this is a new trend:)


I made Katie’s recipe for Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake for Ryan’s birthday.


As I mentioned, he is working nights. So I presented him with a cake, with a missing slice. I couldn’t resist trying it. And a side note on the icing. I had big plans to write a birthday message, kinda like the cookie cakes they sell in the grocery store. I didn’t want to make a big batch of icing for three words of writing, so I opened up a can of icing I had lying around. I didn’t realize it had mini chocolate chips in it. Lets just say the chocolate chips and the icing tip were not friends. After a few botched letters I threw in the towel and iced the whole top.

Thanks to all of the bloggers who inspired me with their recipes today! And a big happy birthday to Ryan! You are officially an old man:)

Question: What was the best grocery store deal you found this week?

19 responses to “WIAW: Ryan’s Birthday Edition”

  1. Katie @KatieDid says :

    Thanks for the sweet email, that made my night 🙂 So glad you tried it and liked it! It’s my brother’s birthday today also… I don’t think I could get him to eat tofu even if I wrapped it in bacon though ahha, so props to Ryan!

  2. Tessa @ Amazing Asset says :

    Happy Birthday to Ryan! I will have to try that cake, it looks decadent!

  3. Chocolate-Covered Katie says :

    Aww tell him happy birthday for me! I hope he liked the cake!! 🙂

  4. Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun says :

    I always LOVE using bloggers’ recipes. That and magazines are really the only ways I get recipe ideas.

  5. Sandi says :

    Love your snack choices 🙂

  6. Liz @ Southern Charm says :

    What a fun take on WIAW … now please send me some of that oatmeal 🙂

  7. lapiattini says :

    Giant chocolate chip cookie cake?! I love those!

  8. Sweet and Savvy says :

    Lookin’ good!:) That cookie cake looks especially delicious!

  9. Paige @ Running Around Normal says :

    Avocado just goes so great with everything, doesn’t it? I just wish they weren’t so darn expensive!

  10. Julie H. of Spinach and Sprinkles says :

    I love using recipes I see on other bloggers sites because I know they have tried them and want to give us their very best! Looks like a great WIAW, especially for a birthday!

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