24 hours of fall fun

The week really does fly when you don’t start work until Tuesday:) It was a bit rough getting into the swing of things today but just looking back at my weekend photos made me smile. Only three weeks before my next trip home! I can’t remember the last time I was able to go home twice in one month. Thank you frequent flier miles:)

Since Texas hasn’t been feeling particularly “fall” like lately (90 F and tank tops don’t equal fall in my book!) I told my parents I wanted to cram fall into one day. I think we succeeded! I’m holding off on the food photos for a special WIAW: Fall with the Fam edition.

Ryan and I finally got to bed around 1 am on Friday night (Saturday morning?) I was greeted my:

20111004-085528.jpgSunflowers… my favorite flower! They have been my favorite since 5th grade when I had a super fashionable sunflower earth day T-shirt:)

First stop on the agenda… a trip to Great Harvest!

20111004-085535.jpgDon’t let the bland strip mall exterior fool you… this place has some seriously delicious eats. My parents have shopped at Great Harvest for years and I have been missing their bread, especially since starting to read Kath and Allie’s blogs. The closest one in TX is over an hour away. I happily sampled the cranberry orange loaf, vanilla cupcake, and new pepperoni loaf. Ryan claimed that the Dakota bread was “the best bread he had ever tasted.” Check out the awesome cake.

20111004-085541.jpgIf only I was that skilled at icing.

Next stop, Peddler’s Village! Peddler’s Village is an outdoor shopping area with unique boutique stores that always goes all out at the holidays. At Christmas, there is a gingerbread house contest and at Halloween there is a scarecrow contest. It is always festive to walk around and check out some of the entries.

20111004-085548.jpgHanging out with the pirate.

Walter gets to know the Bucks County deer. It took my mom and I awhile to get this joke. I grew up in Bucks County. This is supposed to be bucks counting E’s… get it?!

20111004-085554.jpgAnd my favorite!


The eat local scarecrow. I loved her basket of fall goodies. And her skirt was like an I Spy book. There was a list of different objects to find!

We also made a stop at my favorite toy store.

Even the stuffed animals were dressed up for Halloween! After seeing our share of scarecrows, it was off to the apple orchard.

20111004-085606.jpgWe picked Empires, Pinatas (I’d never heard of them), and Jonagolds. My favorite were the Jonagolds: crisp and tart.


Ryan took his first apple picking experience very seriously. He figured out a method of twisting the stem so that the leaves didn’t come off with the apple.

My dad also took his job seriously. He sampled several of each variety. He was excellent at quality control:)

But I took the apple picker of the day award with my ladder climbing skills.

20111004-085628.jpgWalt reminded us that picking apples isn’t serious… its fun! My brother is a future circus star. If only he had brought his unicycle to the orchard (yes, he does have one:)

20111004-085621.jpgAfter we successfully picked 33 lbs of apples, it was onto the next fall activity, the Howell Farm Corn Maze!

20111004-085636.jpgMy brother and dad have raved about this corn maze for the past few years but I had never gone. Each year the corn is grown in a different pattern. This year the maze was in the shape of a pig! Each team got a sheet of questions. The goal was to find the answers to all of the pig trivia and finish the maze. For every question you miss, you lose points off of your finish time.

20111004-085654.jpgMy brother, Ryan, and I were quite the team. We finished the maze in 50 minutes! Only 5 minutes behind the winning team so far this season.


They think we may have won if I hadn’t slowed them down for a picture with the winners bridge in site:) It was a really fun activity, especially because we beat my parents by a landslide! 20111004-085648.jpgMaybe they should use the rescue flag next time.

We ended the day at Marhaba, a Greek restaurant in Lambertville, NJ.

20111004-085700.jpgIt was a super fun, jam-packed, fall-tastic Saturday:) Stay tuned for some weekend eats tomorrow.

Questions: Did you used to read the I Spy books when you were younger? My brother and I loved puzzle books, especially I Spy and Where’s Waldo. We still do them sometimes when we are together.

Have you ever done a fall corn maze?

15 responses to “24 hours of fall fun”

  1. Lauren says :

    Ooh! I love sunflowers too! They were the main theme of my wedding last summer.
    Your apple-picking photos are great- I’m thinking that i need to plan an apple/pumpkin picking trip this weekend (since we are actually supposed to have nice weather in the DC Metro area!)

  2. emily (a nutritionist eats) says :

    YOu did cram fall into one day, love it!

  3. Oats n' Bows says :

    Haha I agree that Texas doesn’t feel too much like fall right now. I’m here in DFW and I’m still in shorts.

    You definitely got a healthy dose of fall! It’s so cute, I love it πŸ™‚

  4. Casey @ Pocket Full of Sunshine says :

    I have never done a corn maze. But I love all things Halloween, so it’s been on my list for the past few years! This year I’ll make it happen πŸ™‚

    • bikingbeforebed says :

      Definitely do one. There was a group of middle school girls who were having a birthday party and were going to go through the maze at night. I kind of wanted to invite myself.

  5. lapiattini says :

    Oh my gosh do you go to Peddler’s Village often? We go there all the time! We live about 20 min from there- it’s one of my fav places. Where did you go apple picking? We’re prob gonna go this weekend.

    • bikingbeforebed says :

      I used to growing up in Bucks County:) I go every time I visit my parents. That’s crazy that you live that close! We went to Solebury Orchards for apples. We normally go to Snipes.

  6. lindsay says :

    i think everyone has been apple picking but me. Oh thats the south for you. We pick cactus and watermelon. haha

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