WIAW: Fall Food Edition

For those of you who read by post yesterday, you may have noticed that something key was missing: Food! I thought that this week’s WIAW would be dedicated to all of the yummy goodies I ate over my three-day weekend.

For those of you new to the par-tay, Jenn gave an awesome description this week. You would think she would get tired of being the host of the party… but I guess there isn’t a big mess to clean up for a virtual shin dig:) So here goes the first WIAW of October!


20111005-083722.jpgMy mom knows how much I love pumpkin… she bought some pumpkin cinnamon chip bread from Great Harvest!

20111005-083729.jpgIt was moist and pumpkiny and delicious. I loved the cinnamon chips… a good change-up from the traditional chocolate chip.

20111005-083826.jpgMy parents favorite waffle recipe topped with cashew butter and strawberries. This is my favorite waffle recipe. The cookbook it comes from is literally falling apart. When you open the book, it automatically falls open to the waffle and pancake page. It gets quite a bit of use. I really need to get the recipe. I forgot how delicious cashew butter is. I definitely need to look for some at the store.

20111005-083838.jpgDunkin’ Donuts Pumpkin Latte! Its official… I like it more than Starbucks. Rumor has it that more Dunkin’ Donuts are coming to Houston. Right now there are only 4 within a 50 mile radius. Yes I’m a dork and looked it up. I am a wee bit excited for some new locations.


20111005-083746.jpgHalf a lemon chicken sandwich. The sandwich was delicious and filled with chicken, melty brie, and arugula. I need to include brie on sandwiches more often.

20111005-083833.jpgTurkey and ham sandwich on Dakota from Great Harvest. Fall salad with butternut squash, cranberries, pecans, and parmesan. My mom told me is was a Barefoot Contessa recipe. I am definitely going to be making it soon. The combination of flavors screamed fall. I love squash in salad.

20111005-083842.jpgMiso soup. It warmed me right up from the grey dreary weather.


I went with the two roll lunch special: shiitake mushroom roll and eel and avocado roll. I love all eel rolls… I think it’s the sauce. I had never had a mushroom roll. It wasn’t my favorite, but I did enjoy it.


I only have pictures of one supper. Two were eaten on the plane and one was eaten at my recruiting dinner for work (one of reasons I went home)!

But on Saturday we took my mom out for a belated birthday dinner at Marhaba, a local Greek restaurant. My dad was hoping that there would be belly dancers, but apparently that was only on Fridays. We started off with hummus and pita and some amazing grape leaves.


For my entree I had the chicken kabobs.

20111005-083820.jpgWhile they were delicious, I think next time I would order the ouzi. My mom got the lamb ouzi. According to the menu, ouzi is blended with carrots, sweet peas, corn, green beans, onions, almonds, raisins and basmati rice baked in a filo jacket.

20111005-083804.jpgIt was amazing. I had never had anything like it. And the presentation was beautiful! Ryan and my brother enjoyed the meat extravaganza:) Chicken, lamb, chops, and gyro in one plate. Ryan and my dad also enjoyed some local beer.


20111005-083851.jpgPumpkin Roll Ice Cream! This was seriously amazing. University of Delaware Ag School opened a creamery on campus. All of the milk comes from campus cows! All of the flavors looked yummy. We sampled bacon, apple pie and raspberry cheesecake. I am so sad that the creamery didn’t exist when I was a student:( I also had some Rita’s pumpkin pie water ice that I forgot to take a picture of. Frozen pumpkin desserts=heavenly.

Question: Do you have certain foods that remind you of home and growing up? Two of mine are definitely waffles and water ice. We used to have waffles or pancakes every weekend.

14 responses to “WIAW: Fall Food Edition”

  1. Fit Chick Britt says :

    Can I have some of that pumpkin cinnamon bread? 🙂

    Also, I’ve been thinking about signing up for the MS 150 and I thought of you. Are you doing it or have you done it before?

  2. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance says :

    Haha okay, I LOVE the Starbucks pumpkin spice, so the fact that you say it is better at Dunkin Donuts makes me want to go test your theory pronto!

    I also need to add that those grape leaves look divine 😀

  3. Oats n' Bows says :

    Yum to everything you ate! Especially the chicken kabobs. Greek food is the best!

    Isn’t it amazing that us Texans are starting to get Dunkin’ Donuts?! 😀 I grew up in NY so I have a pretty solid DD addiction but the closest one to me is about 20 minutes away. Which just isn’t convenient for a cup of coffee. Now they’re opening one walking distance from my parents house 😀 It’s about time texas caught on…

  4. Tessa @ Amazing Asset says :

    Well I am definitely going to have to test out your Dunks theory! It’s so much cheaper 🙂

  5. lapiattini says :

    That’s really cool about the campus creamery- the pumpkin ice cream looks great!

  6. Jen @ Light Enough to Travel says :

    Just wanted to give you a heads up that your WIAW link on Jenn’s site is broken. I got a 404 error and had to click your blog header to find this page! Maybe you mistyped the URL?

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