Archive | October 9, 2011

Rain is a good thing

Rain makes beer, beer makes whiskey…

20111009-091214.jpgRain is a good thing! I never thought I’d be excited to see my side yard flooding. Houston finally got some much-needed rain. It down poured all day:) I love lazy rainy days. I am so glad I decided not to do Bike Around the Bay this weekend. Bike Around the Bay is a two-day 150 mile bike ride around Galveston, TX. On the way to the grocery store I saw hundreds of wet and miserable riders and my heart went out to them.

Some random images of the day:

20111009-091126.jpgFirst time I have had a bowl of cereal in weeks. I know, crazy right? Peanut Butter Puffins, almond milk, and frozen blueberries. I love frozen fruit in cereal. And I love how the blueberries turn the milk blue:)

20111009-091229.jpgScrambled egg with ketchup on the side.

Ryan and I ran a bunch of errands in Houston. Picked up a washer and dryer for his new rent house and then went to out favorite grocery stores: Central Market and Whole Foods. It’s good we don’t live closer to downtown, or we would be broke from buying groceries:) At Whole Foods we both cashed in our Living Social deals from a few weeks ago. Score! We were too busy grabbing samples to take pictures.


TOMS were definitely not the best shoes to wear in the torrential downpour. (They are normally light grey)

While Ryan was working on his on-line final exam, I got busy in the kitchen.

20111009-091207.jpgHomemade applesauce… recipe courtesy of Jessica at How Sweet It Is. I’m slowly chipping away at my apple stash🙂

20111009-091156.jpg“Thank you” loaves of banana bread. I tried a recipe from Joy of Cooking. The breads took way longer than the time suggested to bake. I’m anxious to hear how my friends like it.

I also did a little decorating.

20111009-091148.jpgEmpty wine bottles deserve costumes too.

20111009-091137.jpgSome gourd action on the mantle.

And then it was arts and crafts time. Look what I found in my desk!

20111009-091142.jpgThey were almost brand new!

20111009-091131.jpgThe smell brought me back to kindergarten.

Time to go relax before the week:)

Question: What is your favorite art supply? Mine are crayons hands down. I had a crush in first grade on Craig because he would share his 96 box of Crayolas with me.