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Thankful Thursday: Feels like Home

Tonight I was ravenous when I got home. I always feel hungrier on days when I workout in the morning. This morning I did an hour on my trainer, aka my living room furniture:) I got in a good workout, and got caught up on the latest antics of Chuck and Blair. I do love some good Gossip Girl.

Tonight’s dinner came together in a flash. I basically combined all of the leftover I could find. Mixed them in a bowl, and devoured.
20111013-092234.jpgSpinach sautéed with peppers, onions, and a Queso Fresco and Chipotle Laughing Cow Wedge. Topped with leftover acorn squash stuffing. Corn muffin on the side. Boy did it hit the spot. I have been loving spinach and eggs lately. This is probably the 3rd time I’ve had it this week.

When I was home two weeks ago, I found myself reminiscing on all of the comforts of the house I grew up in. Obviously the best part about visiting is seeing my family. But there is also something so wonderful about just being in the house where I spent 14 years of my life.

This week’s Thankful Thursday… Feels like Home Edition:)

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Drowning in Apples

1. Inky

20111013-091928.jpgMy family adopted Inky on a family trip to Massachusetts when I was around 11. We drove over 6 hours home with a little kitten in the back seat. She was the perfect passenger. She was so small she could stick her paws out the air holes of the carrying box. She quickly became a part of the family, and a part of the neighborhood. She could never be a guard cat. She will let anyone pet her! She is one of the calmest and loving cats I have ever met. She took the opportunity to sleep with me in my bed while I was home. She is like a little purring furnace.

20111013-091936.jpgApparently I woke her from her afternoon beauty rest.

2. Lantern Man

20111013-091941.jpgI just realized, after all these years, Lantern Man doesn’t actually have a name! My mom always wanted to get rid of him, but my brother and I always protested. At one point I wanted to repaint him and give him a pink coat:) He also makes a nice outdoor coat rack.

3. My bedroom

20111013-091949.jpgMy mom let me repaint my room the summer after 8th grade. I went all out with the sponge painting! It was such a fun project.

20111013-092000.jpgI painted the furniture to match! My dressers actually belonged to my aunts growing up. They were in bad need of varnish… so instead my mom and I stripped the varnished and painted them.

20111013-091955.jpgI love the knobs I picked out. I took down most of the decorations after I graduated from college. But check out this flashback picture.

Yea I was a little obsessed with Avril Lavigne:) I have been to every one of her concert tours. But that is a story for another day.

4. My bathroom (another painting project)

20111013-092007.jpgThis time I used the toothbrush flicking technique. Dip an old toothbrush in paint and fling at the walls! So much fun… although I did get a “flicking” blister on my thumb by the time I was done. When my dad saw the finished product he said “It looks like a box of crayons threw up in here.” What can I say, I love crayons and bright colors!

20111013-092014.jpgOf course the door color had to match:) Would I paint the bathroom this way again… probably not. But I loved that my parents let me be creative growing up. Many of my friend’s parents would have never let them repaint their bedroom or bathroom. The whole experience was so fun. And I was very proud of the finished products. Every time I go into these rooms, I smile.

5. My Sony boombox

20111013-091902.jpgI basically decorated everything! This baby still works like a charm. I listened to the local top 40 station all weekend:)

20111013-091920.jpgAnd yes, the lid of the CD player featured a Freddie Prince Jr. sticker courtesy of the now non-existent Cosmo-Girl magazine. Please tell me someone else subscribed to this gem of a periodical! Now I want to go watch She’s All That… probably my favorite chick flick.

Questions: Were you creative growing up?

What is your favorite chick flick? Besides She’s All That, I love 16 Candles and Save the Last Dance.