Live Midget Wrestling and Other Sunday Things

Let me address the title of this post. So today I went on a bike ride with a local bike club. There is one stretch of road where people always make homemade signs. They are mostly for home or car repairs, bar specials, garage sales, etc. But today, there was on that caught my eye… “Live Midget Wrestling.” I almost fell off my bike I was laughing so hard. According to the sign, it took place on Friday night… too bad I missed it! Maybe next time. I wish I had a picture, but photos + biking = potential crash.

The rest of my day wasn’t nearly as exciting. I woke up at 6 am to fuel up before my ride. I was super psyched because I had made my breakfast the night before.

20111016-094025.jpgJulie’s Banana Oatmeal Bread Mini Loaf. It was scrumptious! It was the perfect pre-ride food. I ate it dipped in a mixture of pumpkin, peanut butter, and almond milk. I will definitely be repeating this breakfast. The bread was also a perfect excuse to test out my new mini holiday loaf pan.

20111016-094034.jpgThey are on sale at AC Moore’s for $1! Sometimes holiday decorating procrastination pays off. Especially when people start selling Christmas things in August.

It was a perfect day for riding.

Not a cloud in the sky:)

20111016-094048.jpgI loved this Texas-y decoration at the waterfront restaurant we stopped at for water and coffee.


We covered about 42 miles. We were really booking it in parts. I hit 23 mph for a little while. I was exhausted by the end. Maybe I shouldn’t have pushed myself after trying an Insanity workout for the first time yesterday. Tomorrow is definitely a much-needed rest day.

20111016-094111.jpgPost ride I tried a new Clif Bar flavor.


Coconut Chocolate Chip! I plan on ordering a case of these. The flavor blew me out of the water. The coconut was very natural tasting and not at all overpowering.

After my ride I hit the grocery store. I loved the seasonal decorations.

20111016-094105.jpgThis must have taken forever to build!

My afternoon was spent doing typical Sunday things: cleaning, laundry, lounging, and baking.

20111016-094042.jpgI had a “slice” of my raw apple pie for dessert. I am slowly working through my apple haul:)  Although the slices didn’t hold together, it was still incredible. I will be posting the recipe this week.

And now I want to leave you with a fun holiday activity. YumSugar is having a Halloween Candy Bracket contest. It’s like a sports bracket, but instead of pitting teams against each other, each match is between two different candies! You just pick which candy you like better in each round. My winner was Peanut M&Ms. Just for playing you get entered to win a year’s supply of candy from Dylan’s Candy Bar! Click on the link below to play.

Halloween Candy Bracket

Questions: What is the strangest sign you have ever seen?

What is your favorite Halloween Candy?


8 responses to “Live Midget Wrestling and Other Sunday Things”

  1. Tracy's Treats says :

    Bahaha, that sign. I once saw one that said “Midget Bowling”. It was outside a frat house. My favorite Halloween candy is candy corn! Especially the pumpkin-corns!

  2. lapiattini says :

    That sign is hilarious you should’ve taken a pic!
    I can’t believe you got that loaf pan so cheap! I need one and may try to find an AC Moore around here…I was just going to register for one but if it’s $1 I’m all over it now. Plus I saw Julie’s recipe too and wanted to try it.

  3. Erica @ For the Sake of Cake says :

    That loaf pan is super-cute! I’m actually working on accumulating “seasonal items” for a friend who is getting married & these would be perfect! Now, I just have to find the time to get to AC Moore!

  4. Lindsay @ Lindsay's List says :

    42 miles?!? Geez..that’s awesome! Go girl!

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