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Reading, Riting, and Redneckery

So last night Ryan and I headed to the original froyo shop, Pinkberry. I was so excited that one opened up 20 minutes from my house. I went to Pinkberry in LA on a business trip a couple of years ago. I had the original tart flavor and it was incredible.


To make a long story short, I was less than impressed with the newly opened shop. When we arrived, the line was out the door. Although there were four girls working, one was working the register and one was refilling toppings. This left only two people serving the long line. I am a very impatient person while Ryan on the other hand is normally very patient. I knew the was slow when he started complaining. It took us over 20 minutes to get to the front of the line.

This may sound rude but the servers were too friendly. They let every customer taste as many flavors of frozen yogurt and toppings as they would like. Some people were literally trying everything on the menu. Then the girls would tell you all of the best topping and flavor combinations and would encourage you to fit as much in your cup as possible. Although I appreciate helpful and friendly service, this was a bit much, especially given the number of people waiting.

I finally got my yogurt and it was quite tasty.


Pumpkin froyo with granola, coconut, and cinnamon. The pumpkin was very tart and tangy. Ryan got the chocolate with brownie bites that were out of this world. Although the yogurt was tasty, the service and the price will probably keep us from going back anytime soon. I think I will stick with some of my other favorite, less crowded yogurt shops.

Footloose on the other hand was amazing! It was even better than I thought it would be. It was a lot funnier than I had predicted. Even Ryan got quite a few laughs… and let me tell you he was not looking forward to this movie. Our favorite line of the movie was when Ren, the main character, told his boss that he came to town to learn “Reading, Riting, and Redneckery.” I am a musical addict, and I really enjoyed the remakes of the original Footloose songs. I think “Holding Out For a Hero” is my favorite in both the original and remake.

Today was the first day in weeks I woke up without an alarm clock and it felt glorious. At 8:30 am I rolled out of bed and grabbed half a banana. Then I headed out to do an outdoor workout. 75 and sunny… definitely not a day for the gym. Instead of a typical run, I did Lindsay’s Pause and Go Cardio Workout. It was so much fun! The workout consisted of 5 minutes of running followed by a few different plyometric exercises. This sequence was repeated 6 times with different exercises. It was so fun. Definitely head over to Cotter Crunch and check out the workout in more detail. The only thing I wasn’t thinking of was the mosquitoes… As soon as I stopped running to do the exercises, they were everywhere! Next time I will prep with Off.

When I got back around 10 am, it was breakfast time!

20111022-091510.jpgApple Cinnamon Kerby Lane pancakes topped with pumpkin dip (pumpkin, Mighty Maple PB & Co, and almond milk)

After breakfast Ryan and I walked over to a local festival. It was the 50th anniversary of my town, Seabrook, TX. The festival was mostly for kids but it was fun to walk around and enjoy the beautiful weather. We picked up some free Crossfit passes that we are excited to try out.

20111022-091529.jpgI sadly decided I was too old for the bounce house or the skate park.

20111022-091535.jpgOr the train:(

I love all the beautiful flowers that have been blooming lately.


After the festival, we headed over to the library.


After saying hi to the Pelican Librarian, we headed inside. I can’t wait to start reading the book I picked up about science in the kitchen. Yea, I’m a big nerd. We also checked ou a couple of DVDs. Renting movies at the library is awesome because you get them for a whole week… for free!

After our 30 minute walk home, we were ready for some lunch! I made some hummus using Angela’s Ultra Creamy Red Pepper Hummus Recipe. It was seriously some of the best hummus ever! It was definitely ultra creamy.


Freestyle Tuna, hummus, and spinach salad beast… I loved every bite.

The rest of the afternoon was spend cleaning and grocery shopping. We went to dinner at Outback with some gift cards Ryan had lying around. I forgot my camera and phone somehow… but it was tasty. My favorite parts of my meal were the mini Rita sampler Ryan and I shared and my giant sweet potato.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Time to go catch up on the Office!

Question: What is your favorite flavor of frozen yogurt? I love chocolate peanut butter. Pumpkin was a great seasonal treat.