Archive | October 24, 2011

Monday Pizza Party

After spending so much time outside this weekend, it was difficult to sit indoors all day today. I found myself getting antsy, but at least my office has a big window! Not too much of a view though, unless you like looking at a refinery flare stack.

Breakfast this morning was a winner!


Don’t judge it by its Tupperware:) I whipped up a buckwheat bowl with almond milk, chia seeds, and banana. After cooking I stirred in 1/3 cup of pumpkin and topped it with homemade cranberry sauce and Justin’s Honey Peanut Butter! It reminded me so much of Thanksgiving!

After work, I hurried home to throw some ingredients in the bread machine for pizza crusts. While the dough was churning away I cranked out an hour on my bike trainer and got caught up on Gossip Girl. The season is starting to get really good! I’m so excited that Dan finally wrote a book.

While Ryan finished up some homework I laid out some toppings.

20111024-084035.jpgShredded chicken,

20111024-084042.jpgTomato sauce. This sauce was on the bargain rack at the grocery store this week. Man was it tasty. It was made in Italy! This was definitely a steal. For those of you that don’t check out the bargain shelves at the store, I highly recommend it. Mine are located near the meats. One of the best things I ever found was Silk Chocolate Milk boxes for 30 cents. They are perfect for post workout snacks. Back to the pizza!

20111024-084050.jpgRoasted red peppers and garlic marinated olives,


20111024-084124.jpgMozzarella, and some un-pictured spinach and pizza seasoning.

The dough turned out super sticky. I was getting really flustered but Ryan came to the rescue with the flour canister.

20111024-084133.jpgI don’t think I have a future working at a pizza parlor. I blame my lack of Italian genes. I can never get the dough in a circle! Ryan told me it looked like an amoeba:) After a trip to the oven…

20111024-084145.jpgFully cooked amoeba pie! I topped my pie with spinach, olives, roasted red pepper, feta, and pizza seasoning.

20111024-084139.jpgRyan’s round “professional” pizza with the works.

20111024-084155.jpgI enjoyed a couple of slices and the leftover spinach. Despite the stickiness of the dough, I loved the final product. It was slightly sweet from honey and was nice and airy. I think feta and spinach are my favorite pizza toppings.

Can anyone believe that Halloween is in one week?! I am going to visit my parents again and am excited to go out with two of my high school friends for Halloween. I still need a costume. I hope I can scrounge one up once I get there. In honor of the last week before Halloween, I am going to present some of my favorite costumes. Let’s start with my favorite costume from college.My friend from high school, Katie, visited me my freshman year of college for Halloween. She is the same one I am going out with this weekend! We wanted matching costumes. We snagged these at the Disney Store. The bottoms were slightly obscene, maybe because they were meant for 10-year-old boys? I distinctly remember my wings getting stolen and finding them a few hours later in the road.

Question: What was your favorite Halloween costume?