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WIAW: Klutz in the Kitchen

A party sounds really good right about now don’t you think? Maybe a fruity drink or two? Is it just me, or is this week going a wee bit slow? So far this week I have broken dropped a glass peanut butter jar in my pantry and knocked a huge bottle of olive oil onto the kitchen floor. Broken glass + slick oil is not fun to clean up. At least my floors are shiny. I hope my glass breaking streak is over! I think its time to step out of the kitchen and share some eats… WIAW style. No glass involved:) Thanks Jenn for providing a virtual party. I think this is safer for me than a “live” party. Given my track record this week, I’d probably drop a beer bottle on the floor!

Peas and CrayonsBreakfast

20111025-095008.jpgOne perk of a 9 am doctors appointment… I get to eat breakfast at home, in a bowl instead of in front of the computer.

20111025-094953.jpgI think this is my favorite breakfast I have made in a long time! I made a buckwheat bowl, per Courtney’s fool-proof recipe. If you have never tried buckwheat, I urge you to head over and check out Sweet Tooth Sweet Life for the recipe. Since I made these yesterday, I ate them cold topped with frozen blueberries, pumpkin butter, and crunchy peanut butter. Yes, it was the peanut butter in the broken glass bottle. I salvaged it from the wreckage. It’s now being stored in a Tupperware. And yes I ate a cold breakfast in October. Houston is having a late heat wave… 90 degrees in October?!


20111025-095026.jpgA new favorite salad beast combination: Spinach base topped with roasted potatoes, roasted carrots, a slice of cut up turkey loaf, and homemade red pepper hummus. Growing up I always ate turkey loaf with homemade cranberry sauce and a baked potato. Although this combination will always be dear to my heart, I love the turkey loaf on top of salad! And I do have the potato element too. Maybe I need to make a cranberry vinaigrette to round it out.


20111025-095019.jpgCold leftover pizza from last night’s pizza party. Just as good the second time around. Especially the extra thick crusty part that I dunked in extra marinara.


20111025-095105.jpgMy new favorite after dinner drink: hot almond milk mixed with cocoa powder and a tad of honey. Tonight I added almond extract. Chocolate mint is such an awesome flavor combo. Even though I am sweating while drinking it… it’s so worth it.


20111025-095050.jpgServed in my new candy dish. Except not really. My co-workers would be slightly scared if I started eating out of a giant pumpkin:)

20111025-095042.jpgAn apple (I swear my stash is neverending!) and a new to me Lara bar flavor.

20111025-095057.jpgBanana bread. I give it a B. Definitely can’t hold a candle to any of the flavors involving peanut butter or chocolate.

20111025-095036.jpgMy current yogurt obsession: Oikos Key Lime Pie. It may even beat out Chobani Pineapple. Maybe..

Question: Are you klutzy in the kitchen?