Archive | October 29, 2011

Snowy Saturday

What a weekend to visit my family in Pennsylvania. I go from 65 degrees in Houston yesterday to 30 degrees and snowing today in Philly. Talk about a series climate change!


I am currently writing this post from my little brother’s bed on my phone under 3 blankets. Yes… We lost power which also means no heat or Internet. Kinda like camping… In the winter!

Our original plan was to take a nice fall bike ride to enjoy the changing leaves. But due to the weather we obviously had to change things up!

Most of my pictures are on my camera so I will share them once I can use my computer!

I started off the morning with yoga with my mom. It felt so nice just to stretch! My muscles have been quite tight lately.

After a French toast breakfast on high 5 Great harvest bread we headed out to do some errands. We hit up goodwill to look for a purple jacket for my brother’s Halloween costume. He is going as Professor Plum from Clue. We found 3 purple jackets… What are the odds of that happening?!

Then we hit up Great harvest! I picked up a loaf of high 5 and oatbran. We also snagged a delicious red velvet Halloween cupcake.

Lunch was at the farmers market. This is one of my favorite places to eat when I’m home. It’s an indoor market with all different food stalls. I hit up my favorite Greek place. I couldn’t decide so I got a combo platter with Greek salad, beet salad, marinated eggplant, and pita.

Dessert was pumpkin ice cream. In the snow! My brother and I agreed that sometimes we crave cold food even more in the winter… Maybe we are just weird:)

After lunch my brother headed back to college. He wanted to make the drive before the roads got too bad. By this time a lot of places had lost power. I headed over to a local restaurant to meet my friend Katie from high school.

It was so fun seeing her! Although we couldn’t dress up and go out as planned, we still got to chat. And hanging out in a bar with a generator for power with all the locals was pretty fun!


For dinner we went to Golden China, a Chinese food restaurant that never seems to lose power! I remember going there growing up every time we lost power! They had expanded their menu to include sushi! I got a new to me roll with egg, crab, and roe. I also got miso soup and salad.


It was delicious! I’m glad I tried something different and didn’t go with the eel or salmon roll per usual.

My parents and I tried to go to Barnes and Nobles to avoid going home to the heatless house… But it was closed.

I didn’t think a weekend home would turn into such an adventure!

Question: What do you do with your family when the power goes out?