Shopping at the Skymall

During my all day flying extravaganza on Sunday, I had a lot of time for reading. I read 3 magazines almost cover to cover. Self, Health, and Food Network magazine. I only skipped over the hair and makeup sections. Yea, I am the biggest tomboy. My eyes just gloss over when I start reading about new ways to style my hair or apply foundation. I am a proud member of the ponytail and minimal makeup club. I can shower and be out the door in 10 minutes. I normally get ready faster than Ryan!

Anyhow, back to my plane reading. After the three magazines and about half of my book (What Einstein told his Cook), I dug the Skymall catalog out of the seat pocket. Skymall never ceases to amaze me. Its kind of like QVC of Pinterest. You discover things that you never even knew existed, yet somehow you suddenly need them. I normally leave the Skymall catalog on the plane for fear of random purchases:)

I wanted to share some of my favorites that I found. All of the images are from the Skymall website. Don’t go there unless you want to waste some serious time:)

1. Protein Ketchup

Protein KetchupThis one ounce serving of ketchup has two servings of tomatoes and 15 g of protein. At $1.43 a cup, I don’t think I’ll be switching to this condiment anytime soon. Does anyone else think that this is taking the “protein” craze a bit too far. It seems like everything can come fortified with protein now! While I do use protein powder, I prefer to get my protein from natural sources: meat, eggs, legumes, dairy, nuts etc.

2. Mustache Mirror

Mustache MirrorHow fun would this be in your bathroom? This would make mornings so much more fun! I personally am a fan of the handlebar one in the center.

3. Pierogi Ornament

Pierogi OrnamentNothing says Merry Christmas quite like potatoes and pasta! One of my mom’s quick weeknight meals growing up was Mrs. T’s pierogis. They were so delicious with sautéed onions and peppers. I used to go to a Polish festival in Scranton, PA. The homemade pierogis were out of this world!

4. Universal Skate Sail

Large Universal Skate SailThis sail can be used to “speed your way to fun, exercise, and fitness.” I’m not sure how much exercise you would get if you were being pulled along by the wind… but it could be fun to try out. Doesn’t look like this snowboarder is getting to far:)

5. Touchless sensor toilet seats

Touchless Sensor Toilet SeatsAre people really that lazy that they would spend $160 for a toilet seat with a sensor? This toilet lid will raise as you approach and the seat will raise if you wave your arm. Then both will close 30 seconds after you walk away. I think friendly reminders or maybe a sticky note would do the trick?

Now, because of this post I have the Skymall catalog in my kitchen. Lets hope I don’t make any random purchases!

Question: Do you read the Skymall catalog when you are on a plane? Have you ever bought anything?

10 responses to “Shopping at the Skymall”

  1. lindsay says :

    okay, the ketchup is hilairous. What the heck is it? Soy?

  2. Tracy's Treats says :

    Protein ketchup?!

  3. Shannon (Healthiful Balance) says :

    Haha! Looking through a Skymall magazine when Im flying always makes me laugh! 🙂

  4. Diana @ VeggieNextDoor says :

    I never read the hair/make-up sections either – I find them to be so BORING.

    My Polish family would love the Pierogi ornaments!!!

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