Boots and Butterfingers

Oh Saturday, I am sad you are almost over… but I am looking forward to my extra hour of sleep!

A picture recap of my day…

20111105-114845.jpgFinally used up the rest of my apples from over a month ago! Applesauce for every meal:)


Homemade butterfingers… Thanks for the amazing recipe Averie!

20111105-114837.jpgClean out the fridge style lunch: Eggs with feta and roasted red peppers, cauliflower mash, and Great Harvest bread with pumpkin butter.

20111105-114919.jpgA clean kitchen!

20111105-114859.jpgSweet fashion accessory. I am setting trends:) Only one page so far. I’m crossing my fingers that it doesn’t go off tonight.

20111105-114907.jpgFinally cool enough to break out the boots!

20111105-114932.jpgBut not too cold for ice cream from the Chocolate Bar. I love when you can mix flavors in a small! Pumpkin white chocolate and rocky road…thumbs up.

20111105-114956.jpgInspiration for next year’s Halloween goodies. It came in a real pizza box! And was 50% off. I guess it would be weird to bring this to a party in November?

20111105-114950.jpgBest purchase at the Chantal warehouse sale. I am in love with this color.

I hope your Saturday was a blast!

I wanted to leave you with a fun survey from Entertainment Weekly.

Question: What is your favorite Leonardo DiCaprio Movie?

The results from the mag survey:

Inception 24%

The Departed 23%

Titanic 15%

Catch me if you can 13 %

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape 7%

Romeo and Juliet 7%

Blood Diamond 6%

The Aviator 5%

I think I am going to have to go with the minority on this one. I love Blood Diamond. It is one of my favorite movies ever.

9 responses to “Boots and Butterfingers”

  1. lindsay says :

    oh its boots weather in TX! that means its under 70F, haha. Nice weekend LInds. Wanna come clean my kitchen?

  2. Erica @ For the Sake of Cake says :

    I love Catch me if you Can!

    Those Butterfingers look awesome; I’m going to go check out the recipe right now!

  3. Shannon (Healthiful Balance) says :

    Mhmm! I love homemade apple sauce 🙂 Those butterfingers look SO good! 😀

  4. Oats n' Bows says :

    Those butterfingers look amazing! I don’t even remember the last time I had one…

  5. Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga says :

    I’m so glad you made the Butterfingers…they look great!

    Nice, clean, kitchen….beautiful. AND that blue Chantal. Sweet!

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