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Oatmeal Taste Test Round 2: Starbucks

This morning I wanted to try a new Insanity workout. Although I am not actually following the program, I have been incorporating one or two of the workouts into my weekly mix. This morning I opted to try the Cardio Power and Resistance for the first time. I definitely worked up a sweat. The power jumps were hard! The hardest part for me is that I try to keep up with the people on the screen, and then I sacrifice my form. I think that once I do each workout a couple of times, this will get easier. I finished up with some ab work.

After my workout, as I was rushing around like a mad woman getting showered and ready for work that it would be a good day to do round 2 of testing out “healthy” fast food breakfast choices. If you missed my first test of Burger King’s new oatmeal option, check it out!

Oatmeal Taste Test: Burger King

Some of you may argue that Starbucks is not fast food.

20111027-115449.jpgI would disagree. It has a drive thru, which is something I immediately associate with fast food. If someone can prep your food and drink while you wait in your car, it must be pretty fast right? Also, Starbucks are everywhere! Shopping malls, airports… basically anywhere you can find a McDonalds.

Even if you don’t want to classify Starbucks as fast food, it is readily accessible to most people, so I decided to include it in my oatmeal taste test. I had ordered the oatmeal a couple of years ago when it was first introduced to the menu and I remember really enjoying it.

The oats and all of the toppings came separately.

20111027-121829.jpg“Perfect” Oats


Nut Medley: almonds, pecans, and walnuts.

20111027-115526.jpgDried fruit: currants, yellow raisins, and cherries.

20111027-115532.jpgBrown sugar.

20111027-115538.jpgHaving all of the topping separate was nice because you could control your level of sweetness.

Overall Grade: A-

Taste: I was a little worried when the cashier handed me my oats because they looked really watery. But the lid didn’t lie! After I waited a few minutes and opened up the container, the oats had thickened up nicely. I loved the toppings. I normally stick to one type of nut or dried fruit when I make my oats at home so it was nice to have a mixture. The dried fruit added plenty of sweetness for my taste so I didn’t even miss the brown sugar. I think that the oats would be even creamier with a splash of half and half from the coffee bar!

Nutrition: Since all of the toppings were separate, the nutrition stats could vary considerably. For the plain oats, nuts, and dried fruit (the combo I used) the stats were as follows:

Calories: 340

Fat: 12.5 grams

Dietary Fiber: 6 grams

Sugar: 20 grams (all from the dried fruit)

Protein: 7 grams

The addition of the brown sugar would add 50 calories and 13 grams of sugar.

Cost: $2.45

Other Factors: My biggest complaint was the excessive amount of packaging.

20111027-115513.jpgCarrying bag.


Little bag to hold the toppings. And then each topping was in its own little plastic bag, the plastic spoon, and the oatmeal cup. Phew. What a waste! Next time I would ask for just the toppings and oatmeal without the extra bags.

I liked these oats much more than the Burger King oatmeal… but I still like homemade best… especially since I started taking the extra time to make them on the stove.

I’m publishing this post from my parents house in PA where I am spending the weekend. It will be a quick trip since I have to leave on Sunday at 1… but I’m excited about the potential snow storm!

Question: What is your go to Starbucks order? Mine is an iced grande cafe latte (iced or hot, depending on the season). I get 2 % milk. It is so much creamier than with skim! I always add chocolate powder or nutmeg from the hot bar area.