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Drowning in Apples

So its Thursday, and I still am posting about last weekend. What can I say… I crammed a lot into a few days and I want to share it all! In case you missed anything:

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WIAW: Fall Food Edition

For this edition of Thankful Thursday, I wanted to highlight all of the food I brought back with me from home.

1. Apples

20111006-070654.jpgThis picture doesn’t do my apples justice. I brought back 18 lbs of apples with me from Pennsylvania. Plus a few pounds of honey crisps:) I am pretty much drowning in apples… and loving it. And yes I brought home an extra-large suitcase just to fit them.


So far I have just been eating them plain or with nut butter. But this weekend I plan on doing some apple baking. I also picked up some of my other favorite apple products.

20111006-070627.jpgHomemade apple butter from the orchard and Chadds Ford Spiced Apple Wine. This apple wine is amazing! The first time I had it was tailgating in college. Some of my friends brought a crock pot filled with what I thought was hot apple cider. Turns out it was this spiced apple wine. It has all of the delicious mulling spices you associate with cider… in wine. There is literally nothing better on a cold fall day. Yes these items were also in my suitcase. I really hope my bag got searched… I would have loved to see the look on the inspector’s face:)

2. Great Harvest Bread


My loaf of Dakota survived in my backpack without getting too smushed. I have been enjoying it for sandwiches and with some apple butter. I am so sad it is almost gone. I may be driving an hour this weekend to visit the Great Harvest “near” me. I seriously forgot how addicting and delicious this bread was.

3. Food Gifts


Maple syrup is expensive. Unless you go with Aunt Jemima. And she just doesn’t cut it for me. When I have pancakes I don’t want sticky brown corn syrup. I want the real deal… straight from Vermont. My dad generously gave me an extra bottle he had. Perfect timing because I was almost out!

20111006-070640.jpgMy uncle reads my blog. My uncle read my endless references to pumpkin coffee. My uncle bought pumpkin coffee. My uncle hated the pumpkin coffee. My uncle now questions my taste buds. Now I have more pumpkin coffee:) Sorry for the false lead Uncle Chod!

4. Trader Joe’s Goodies


I had to restrain myself since I didn’t have much room in my suitcase. Thank goodness a Trader Joe’s is finally coming to Houston! I settled on dark chocolate covered espresso beans, multi-grain cereal, and Guayaki Yerba Mate Tea. The TJs chocolate covered espresso beans are so addictive and so cheap! Less than 5 dollars for the whole container.

5. Ryan’s Lunch


Since I started my blog, Ryan has been taking pictures of his food too. I got texted the above picture yesterday. It was so cute. I love how he is getting into picture-taking too. By the way, it is a Chic Fil-e chicken salad:)

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Question: What is your favorite apple recipe? I need some suggestions to use up my stash. I am going to start with applesauce and apple crisp.